Personal assistant for housemates 🏠🙌

Cluttr gives housemates useful tools to track, organise and plan their daily affairs.

Schedule rotating chores and get notified when it's your turn.

Track bill payments and IOU's.

Keep track of items your house needs, shop smarter, share more and save more.

No more WhatsApp or Facebook chat for your house, keep house related topics in Cluttr!

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12 Reviews4.6/5
Tundé Alao
Co-Founder & CEO @Cluttr
Hey Product Hunters, Happy to introduce you to Cluttr! The ideas was born out of the pain we experienced while sharing a house together at University. We wanted to focus on having a good time and building memories, but too often we found ourselves spending an unnecessary amount of time trying to keep track of everything, our friendships became compromised. We used multiple apps to try to get a handle on everything, but information was being lost. Cluttr is an all in one solution, where all our tools; bill tracking, task scheduling, grocery tracking can benefit from an ecosystem. Our aim is to bring harmony to shared houses. After being featured in the App Store, we have received a lot of positive feedback from our users, and some suggestions on things we can improve. We release a new update every few weeks, awesome features are on their way! We hope you enjoy the product, feel free to ask us anything below. P.S if you share the pain, spread the word.
HenaPR/ Content
Love this - solving a pain most of us have experienced!

Great solution to an all too common problem


Simple, extensive functionality



Origin name Clutter ? @tundealao