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Nish — Founder @ ClutchPoints
Hey Product Hunt, and major thanks to @foolywk & @nivo0o0 for hunting us out.

We started ClutchPoints with one vision in mind: To disrupt the conventional way of watching and following sports right from your mobile device. We’re big-time sports fanatics and just didn’t feel there was a perfect product to follow live games when you’re not on a TV.

With ClutchPoints, we want to bring together fans in a go-to sports app that puts everything happening in the game in the palm of your hand. We’re not just talking text play-by-play: we’re talking about a visual timeline with a snippet-based, viewing experience.

Here’s what makes ClutchPoints so unique:

- An elegant, easy-to-use design with features convenient for all fans of all ages. No sports app brings together so much, so beautifully.
-We’ve developed an algorithm to parse social channels and find the top team-specific content, real-time. This content is then populated real-time along with play-by-play, bringing the game to you.
- The most essential videos, images, reactions and highlight plays in the game appear instantly within the ClutchPoints STREAM. Swipe right, and you've got all the stats and play-by-play you need. Swipe left, and you can follow the reactions of fans, writers, players right at your fingertips. The result is an innovative, visual alternative to the streaming services provided by most apps today.
- In the world of sports, all news breaks from the same place: social media. ClutchPoints revolutionizes how users discover, track and share stories with a media feed that brings fans right to the source.

Currently we’re LIVE on the iOS & Android, so we’d love for you guys to check out the product during a game and give us your feedback. We have a lot of great new features in store, including expanding across all sports.
Brandon Foo — Co-founder @PolymailApp
@nishil92 so excited for this! I've been using ClutchPoints for the past few days now and the design is stunning!! There's no easier way to stay updated on your favorite NBA teams 🏀Can't wait for the expansion to NCAA, too!
Nicholas Sheriff — Founder, Quest
@nishil92 This looks rather interesting are you guys grabing live content from NBA games??!! Do you guys have a direct connection with someone inside the NBA, or is it just aggregation from social networking sites like Vine & Instagram.
Nish — Founder @ ClutchPoints
@foolywk Thanks Brandon! Major props to the design team on that, we went through numerous versions before we found one that we felt users would really like to interact with. Looking forward to adding NCAA in 2016! Along with other sports as well⚽️🏀🏈⚾️
Nish — Founder @ ClutchPoints
@nicholassheriff Thanks Nicholas! We're not grabbing it from the live streams, we are aggregating the content from social outlets and applying our developed algorithm to it to pull the top content at each specific moment in the game. You will notice there is specific credit to users within the STREAM section of the app, where the videos, images, and commentary populates.
Leo Moravtchik — CEO, diggidi
Looks cool. Going to test it out today GS vs. CLE.
Good luck to us all :)
Nish — Founder @ ClutchPoints
@moravtchik Thanks Leo, excited to hear your thoughts on it. Going to be an excellent game to follow on the app today.
Leo Moravtchik — CEO, diggidi
@niishh @moravtchik Sorry forgot to update, long weekend. Brilliant, loved using it during the game! Also feels... easy (meaning not heavy, slow, complicated). NICE JOB!
Nish — Founder @ ClutchPoints
@moravtchik Thanks Leo, this is great to hear. Be on the lookout, there's some great new and innovate features on the way! Appreciate the support.
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