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CorleyHunter@corleyh · COO @ Product Hunt
The concept is interesting - it is basically like a new and improved lease. You pay a monthly fee, you don't own the car and you can switch cars based on what you need. That being said, it's expensive. The high-end subscription is $1,300. I guess the target market is people who want flexibility in terms of the types of cars they use and don't want to own one. I would love to hear from the makers.
Tyler Hayes
Tyler Hayes@thetylerhayes · Bebo
@corleyh Yeah I'm really curious about these economics. Entry level plan is $800/month ($9600/year) which for those cars—BMW 3 Series, Audi A4, Mustang GT—is about 50% of their average Edmunds for 2012 versions with <50k miles. Doesn't really make sense to pay for a new car every 2 years. But maybe they're always refreshing the fleet with current-year cars? Even then their entry-level cars MSRP at ~$35k, which is only 4 years of ownership. Some pretty great unit economics for them though ;) Especially since you still have to pay for fuel.
John Meese
John Meese@johnrmeese · Dean of Platform University
@thetylerhayes @corleyh Their pricing page does say that the cost includes insurance and maintenance too. That's huge, on top of the value of the car. If I lived in a big city with Uber or public transportation, I'd be in on this.
CorleyHunter@corleyh · COO @ Product Hunt
@thetylerhayes @corleyh yeah, I'm super curious about the economics.
Adam Carley
Adam CarleyMakerHiring@adamcarley · VP Product and Marketing, Clutch
@corleyh First, thank you! We’re honored and excited to be included in Product Hunt. We are still very early in this journey. Right now we’re just in Atlanta. We are focused on refining our technology and working with the automotive industry to create a model that can scale. Our goal is to help the automotive industry transition from “ownership" to “access” just as Spotify has done for music, Apple has just done for cell phones, etc. One point of correction - most of our members use Clutch as their primary vehicle. We're not really competing with car rental. You are right that flexibility is a huge part of our offering. We've found that our members get a lot of value out of the ability to move between cars. They actually seem to be getting more done and doing more - which is really cool. All the benefits that come with any subscription are relevant for us: no money down, pay as you use, no risk, everything managed for you. The term car-as-a-service is accurate - although the jargon would confuse most of our members. As for pricing, bear in mind that we deliver the vehicles to our member's location so there is manpower involved as well. I'll let Laura, our marketing lead, comment on everything that is in the bundle.
Laura Boring
Laura BoringMakerHiring@lauraboring · Marketing @DriveClutch
@thetylerhayes @johnrmeese Our pricing covers all of the unexpected costs of car ownership, including insurance, taxes, maintenance, and fees along with the ability to have clean cars delivered right to you that fit your vehicle needs at the time. @corleyh you are spot on- our target market values flexibility, convenience, and no hassles.
Craig Williams
Craig Williams@ichillidesign · Side project launching soon. Honestly!
This is pretty cool - but does seem expensive (although I'm in the UK so have no great feel for how much cars cost in the US). However, I'd like to see some more use-cases on the home page - lots of examples of why / when you would change your car. The more reasons there are to change (flip in their terminology) the more reason to do this over standard lease. For example: Winter coming - Flip to a 4x4; Summer coming - Flip to a convertible; Moving house - Flip to a truck; Friends wedding - Flip to luxury car; Daily use - Flip to electric / hybrid. Whilst the simple pricing is good, I could also see a price plan which was basic but allowed a month of luxury cars every year built in (I see they allow this through a daily charge).
Laura Boring
Laura BoringMakerHiring@lauraboring · Marketing @DriveClutch
@ichillidesign great feedback on our website! You can find more use cases here:
J Keith Hall
J Keith Hall@jkhallatl · Co-Founder & Developer, theWTFactory
I'll be in the market for a car really soon and I think I'll give this a try. I'm almost 100% sure I'm going to give it a go. The no maintenance is a huge bonus. Plus the ability to get a truck when I need one.
Derek Shanahan
Derek ShanahanPro@dshan · Three Hex, Cloud Unicorn
Atlanta, from my experience, is the perfect market to test this in. The need for car ownership is really high there. I could see this working well in Denver, too, as a spot where winter car use is pretty different than non-winter for many city-dwellers. Really cool concept.
MatthewGunson@matthewgunson · Consumer Insights Manager, Local Motors
Great idea! I've been researching ownership for about six months and people give no thought to how much they pay to own and operate a car. In fact the average cost to own and operate a car in the US is a coffee cup per month less than Clutch's entry level package. And the entry level includes some pretty nice vehicles. In fact the A4 they offer costs about 56K over 5 years according to Edmunds. That is MORE than what it would cost to have Clutch for 5 years. That doesn't include gas, but even after gas, you would pay a very small amount for the flexibility of having the right kind of car when you need it. This is something that people, if they recognize how much they are paying for their car, would find to be a great solution. The problem with the current model however, is that the one cost that it doesn't cover is the one cost people are irrationally aware of and sensitive to, gas. Wonder if they would ever offer a Leaf or Tesla to help out with that. Great idea though.