What if Flipboard and Einstein had a baby?

Clusterr aims to deliver quality content for your interests. Get a stream of relevant content that matters to you.

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Hey PH! This launch is a big step for us, and we're super excited to show what we've built. We set out to create a product that, with each visit, gets you smarter on the topics you're interested in. Not only that, but we also wanted our service to have a lot less noise and more signal. We'll be working hard to get Clusterr better and better. Your comments and questions are super welcome and help us do that! Thanks in advance for your feedback 🙏 Cosmin and the Clusterr team
@cosmin_ursachi I like it, easy to use and has a nice interface. Good job Cosmin.
Really appreciate the kind words @ghalex. "Nice interface" coming from you means a lot.
@cosmin_ursachi great work! Love the product! Way to go! Can't wait to see wide adoption!
@cosmin_ursachi Just signed up. I'd like to cancel, but cannot find any way to delete my account or a method to contact support.
First of, sorry to hear this. @erikjrichter we will provide that functionality very soon. In the meantime I will delete your account.
Prismatic vibes #RIP
@ernopp I had the idea of this product like this around 6 years ago. Then a friend told me about Prismatic. Anyway, I'll take what you said as a major compliment.
Easy to use, highlights the topics I signed for really well. One little thing, but this is my point of view, a bit too crowded. One question, some of the articles have additional text, some only the title. For me personally, the title sometimes does not say much and I like to read those additional 2-3 sentences. Is this generated so by the origin site or via your product?
@bbregar Sometimes the sources that have the best content don't really put out pictures or a description. We can only show what they give us. Regarding the crowded part, I do feel you. We will probably build something like a facebook/twitter/linked feed option. Love the fact that you found it easy to use.
#Cybersecurity section is awesome! Up to date with the latest cyber threats and a lot of really interesting in-depth articles for cyber enthusiasts. 👍
We really appreciate the fact that you liked the #CyberSecurity interest. Maybe also look into: #InfoSec, #Hacking and #Ransomware

I really love the product. Very efficient and slick! I totally recommend it if you're looking for a quick and easy solution to personalize your news stream! Strong team behind it with tons of big data and machine learning experience!


Best in class content recommendation! Very slick and efficient product! Let's see some adoption!