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Great idea. Not sure if using the word flunk, creates a positive image for a student :)
@FelixReznik I definitely think there are multiple ways to interpret it. I thought of it as: the current process is a clusterf***. I have definitely remembered the name, even though I have no use for it.
@McCroden we did a poll early on and it was obvious it was a name students could have fun with and stand behind. So we really liked the uniting qualities of the name.
@McCroden, we simply let the students choose the name: https://www.facebook.com/cluster...
Haha, unusual word choice, for sure. This has existed in other forms for years -- fraternities and sororities often have archives of past tests and study material. The anonymous Q&A portion is particularly interesting, giving people an opportunity to ask "stupid questions," although some people might troll their classmates. :)
@rrhoover Yeah it has definitely been around for years, we like to say that we're a fraternity/sorority for everyone. The anonymous Q&A accounts for about a third of all posts/comments, so it's really cool to see people who would normally not ask questions in large lecture hall settings get the opportunity to ask.
I wish I had this when I was in college. And, not gonna lie, I like the name.
@McCroden thank you!
Does anyone want a user/pass so you can get passed the .edu barrier? @McCroden @rrhoover @FelixReznik? I can dm you one on twitter or something.
Giving students a way to meet the students in their classes is an awesome thing. You guys wouldn't believe what comes out of it. People talk about parties, sell textbooks, sell couches, and do about anything on our university wall.