Cluster Tab Manager

Tab manager that helps you and your projects stay organized.

Cluster is a window and tab manager extension for Chrome that helps you manage multiple open tabs and windows, keep things organized, and free up memory.
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Something that I built for myself that has grown.
Love the product! I went ahead and downloaded it — very intuitive! One question: the product doesn't seem as though it's been updated recently (it still uses the old Chrome logo in the interface), so do you have plans for any new features or updates?
@fancyfarfalle Thank you for the feedback. The extension gets an update about once every week. There is a road-map and change-log under the About section that showcase where it's heading and what has been done. But you are right the icons could do with an update.
I've used almost all tab managers for Chrome. This is simply the best and with a lot of features. The integration with The Great Suspender is very cool. It is increasing in popularity very fast.
@boni_bo Thank you. I've used The great suspender for years so it was only fitting I supported it.