Cluise 2.0

Your smart personal stylist and shopping assistant

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Thank you @Veronica. Hey Product Hunters, We applied machine learning to solve wardrobe dilemma for our users. Cluise is helping thousands of people around the world organize their wardrobe and easily choose daily outfits. We did a massive work to make our app even better. Cluise 2.0 is redesigned and updated with new features to help you save precious time when it comes to shopping. Check them out: - Shopping suggestions based on your personal style. Cluise analyzes your wardrobe contents, your daily looks, and your like history to determine your preferences and offers you pieces that will work best for you. - Virtual try-on tool. Like the item, but not sure if it fits into your wardrobe? Tap on “Dress me with this”, and Cluise will show you how to combine potential purchase with the real clothes from your wardrobe. - Selling the pieces you don’t need. You can now sell the pieces that don’t fit into any of your looks with few taps in Cluise marketplace. Thanks so much for your support! I’m here to answer any of your questions.
@liudmylan @veronica Gorgeous works! <3 this. 👍♥️
@daisuke @veronica thank you! We're doing our best! :-)
@liudmylan @veronica this seems to solve my morning problems
@luduvigo @veronica We are really glad to help!
@liudmylan Awesome idea, this is something I have been waiting for long time. Also u need to add how old a particular shirt/pant is and the condition like torn or stain.
Loved this idea when they first came out, but super excited to try the new Shopping Platform, where users can sell, buy, and exchange clothes. Time for some Spring cleaning!
So it works for men too? Not clear except in one of the screenshots. Installing now to test out
@mybizbro yes it works for men too! Actually we are planning to increase our popularity among men. We are working with different fashion brands to add more men's clothing to our shop.
Great app guys! So how do you make shopping suggestions? How do you analyse users' style?
@vilinskyy1 Thank you! We use machine learning to analyze users actions: activity, likes\dislikes, what kind of clothes does user have in his wardrobe, what kind of outfit combinations does user prefer and many other things.
Looks like a great product. I would suggest a gif showing the app in use as your cover image. Those seem to convert very well and draw the visitors in.