Digitize your wardrobe with smart personal stylist

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Thank you Eric Willis for posting! It’s really great to be here. So what does Cluise do? Cluise is a smart wardrobe organizer, digital stylist and also in future your shopping advisor — all in your smartphone. What sort of features does the app have? The unique clothes recognition system allows you to digitize your closet, adding each piece in three super fast and simple steps and automatically sorting garments by type. Cluise analyzes your personal fashion style and creates smart looks day-to-day, based on your preferences and the real-time weather. The app lets you know what’s missing and helps you buy the garments you really need — just like a real-life personal shopper! All items can be purchased in-app. Cluise helps you pick out the items you don’t wear and sell them to keep your closet clutter-free. Application allows you to share your ready looks with fellow fashionistas and browse their photos for inspiration. We will help you to save your precious time and to use your clothes smart!
@liudmylan love the concept. How exactly do you add clothing? Is it one of these things where you have to take a day and inventory your closet? I love the idea of the end result - just want to understand the process to get there.
@corleyh Hi! No, it wouldn't take a day :-) You just have to take a quick picture of needed garment, than the smart system will recognize it and will put in the certain category(a couple of seconds), and than you have to choose the material for some garments. Thats it, you have your garment digitized!
I have been waiting for this my entire life.
@veronica It's a great pleasure for us to make people happy! ;)
Is this app written by Yoda? ;) I guess it would actually read "Here stored your wardrobe will be!"
@veronica Actually Yoda is one of the co-founders, that's why some texts were written under his influence :)
Here we go! Great article about Cluise on Washington Post. Thank's to everyone who supports us here :-)