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#2 Product of the DayOctober 09, 2019
Cluey lets you quickly search and compare over 4,500 travel destinations.
Discover better value, closer and more compatible destinations for your next holiday. Search using travel time, safety, popularity, weather, over 90 activities and much more!
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Hi All 👋 Thanks to @chrismessina for hunting us. We're proud to show our (still a little bit ugly) baby to the world. Cluey came about because we wanted to help people make smarter decisions on their largest purchases. Nowhere is this more obvious than in travel. When a traveller asks, where can I go in October, which is warm, dry, and LGBT friendly, with great wineries and beaches? A Google search yields generic top 10 lists and editorials. *In a multi-trillion industry, why can’t anyone answer this question?!* Well, now with Cluey – you can. We’ve mapped over 4,500 destinations across 12 factors and over 90 activities… to be the single source of truth for the travel industry. So where should that traveller go in October? Cluey suggests Lagosh, Marbella, Adelaide, or Haifa, amongst 32 other exciting destinations in 6 different countries around the world. We don't necessarily plan on becoming a B2C sorta-OTA, but the Explorer was the best way we could think of to allow non tech savvy people to easily navigate the data. We're exploring different partnerships, especially with travel agents and destination marketing organisations. If we could speak to OTAs, Hotels or Airlines even better. We're still refining and improving our data every day. If you have idea about what else to include i'd love to hear it! We were potentially thinking about locations with legalised cannabis next, that seems to be a topical issue these days 🥦
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Congrats on the launch, really interesting... First time I've seen so much data mapped to so many destinations. I imagine there'd be interesting applications for this data in other verticals also, as well as adjacents like airlines or hotels. It's criminal that airlines, hotels, travel agents and OTAs don't already have a feature like this? I'd like to see this concept adopted more broadly - decision making is purposefully difficult and probably hardest for people that need it most. Yes, travel is emotional and all that other stuff, but not every trip needs to be a life changer. Hopefully, something like this can also be used to think about over tourism. PS --- There's room for improvement around performance, but I guess you guys already know that!
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Haha I have been working on this idea over the last month or two. Time to shut mine down. Nice product and launch!
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@chad_wilken Haha thanks, and sorry that we beat you to it!
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Looks great so far! I think it'd be more useful to me as a "I really want to go to this country, given that I like X and Y and don't like Z where should I go within it" sort-of tool - it nearly works with that workflow but it doesn't quite feel like a first-class citizen (yet!) :).
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Such a great way to help with decision making when starting to plan a holiday!
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