Period and ovulation tracker app for iPhone

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Hi! I'm the marketing manager at Clue. Thanks so much for all the love. I'll make sure our lead designer sees this too :)
Hey @syswarren I don't believe you! ;) Thanks for the positive feedback! I'm Clue's Product Owner (UX/UI/VD/writer). @gozmike Cool that your cofounder was successful using Clue to conceive. There's a lot of misconceptions about when/if someone can get pregnant. (It's only 6 days per cycle, but knowing which days is the trick.) I'm thrilled to keep hearing the IxD is intuitive. We took some creative leaps that, for the sake of rapid data entry, and those have paid off! @jameskoole Thank you!
Lovely design.
Bumping this thread up since Clue just raised their Series A from USV & Mosaic ( Been using the app for a while now and am really happy with it: the design is a big differentiator and that's not even taking into account how powerful the resulting dataset could be for diagnostics, chronic condition management, etc. Keep building @idatin @lisakennelly & team Clue!
Clue is amazing. Not only do they have a successful app, but they care about data and frequently write fascinating articles about women's health and sex. I love that their team is made up of both men and women who speak about periods in a very mature, informed way. Not like a yucky thing, but like another interesting topic of human biology.
I have no Clue on why I would need an app like this. ;) But really nice design!