An early warning system for scams and fraud on Craigslist

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Cluck crowdsources scam labeling on Craigslist. It gives renters a way to warn others about fraudulent listings.

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Joyce WuMaker@amameeple · Founder, Cluck
Hi everyone, I'm Joyce, founder of Roomlet Inc, and the developer behind Cluck. I wrote Cluck after talking to dozens of people who ran into scams while searching for temporary housing on Craigslist. It's hard enough trying to find affordable rentals without people trying to steal your money or your identity. Cluck helps Craigslist users avoid scams by letting them leave notes for each other on listings, and also providing some tools to help them identify potential scams. Users can comment and vote on listings, search for duplicate listings, and ask reddit if something is a scam. Let me know if you have any questions/comments/feedback here, @cluckcluckco, or email me at!
Dan Dan@tostartafire · Web Dev.
This is a great idea. I can usually identify scams by the e-mails I get but it's frustrating that there's not a good reporting tool. This will work, but it will needs lots and lots of users to do some good.
Joyce WuMaker@amameeple · Founder, Cluck
Thanks @tostartafire. And I agree, this needs a ton of users. I’m looking into how I can gamify comments so there’s an incentive to answer other people’s questions and advertising strategies. But you can help by sharing this with your friends! Edit: I'd also love to hear any advice on how other people built up a user base.
Rita Cotorrita@flamingler · Marketer and Maker
Ah! I need this! I recently tried to sublet a place on Craigslist and all I could find was one scam after another! I agree with @tostartafire - that is unless you can figure out how to flag scams without requiring folks to contribute that information. (i.e. You handle the supply side entirely)
Joyce WuMaker@amameeple · Founder, Cluck
@tostartafire @flamingler Thanks Rita! The nice thing about Cluck is that the more users flag listings, the more data I have to automatically flag them, e.g. I already flag listings if they are exceptionally inexpensive for an area and if I can get enough people to mark scams, I can flag listings that use images and email addresses that are on known scams.
Rita Cotorrita@flamingler · Marketer and Maker
@amameeple - oh! genius! will definitely use this! thank you!