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  • Pros: 

    I have not found any other software that logs my interactions and tells me when to get in touch without my input- I need that.


    The inbox interface is bad. I find it hard to stay IN cloze. I wait for the emails and work from there.

    All said I have tried some more expensive CRMs and none of them were great for personal management. I really use Cloze as more of a minder for my sales interactions than a CRM. I wish it integrated with trello or todoist so I could just have it run things while I use my preferred interface.

    RJ Lewis has used this product for one year.
  • Joao Camacho
    Joao Camachoproducer

    Easy and complete set of tools.


    Each time you have to enter many windows to start again. Lot's of time and effort for nothing.

    Nice design, good classification for automatic retrieve information from your mail browser. Lack of a good agenda with the days and hours, where you can change everything.

    Joao Camacho has used this product for one day.
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planetMitch@planetmitch · @planet5D & @smartBusinessPlanet
Wow, I'm very surprised this has less than 100 up votes! One of the most amazing tools I've ever used!
Kevin William David
Kevin William DavidHunterHiring@kevin · Community @Siftery. No 1 Hunter on PH🥇
Promises a smarter view of your contacts, by allowing you to automatically track email messages, phone calls, meetings, notes, social updates, and more in a single application on iPhone, iPad and the web. The idea is to offer individuals whose business requires them to maintain relationships an easy way to receive reminders to reach out to those most important to them, before those relationships fade. The company had earlier introduced an email management app which worked to sort emails for you, based on the priority of your relationship with the email senders.
Hal Gottfried
Hal Gottfried@hgottfried · Founder, Level Up Labs
I have just started using the new service and I will tell you it's amazing. The last service I couldn't get into just didn't work right. This one is actually making think about ditching my CRM and other software.
Kimberly Wolfson
Kimberly Wolfson@khw77 · KHW Marketing | CRM & Sales Automation
I've been using Cloze, and for the most part, I love it. My biggest complaint is when I send an email through the Cloze platform and then click on it in my gmail (I reference previously sent emails often) it gets tracked as an opened message (from the recipient). I currently also use MixMax for email tracking, and when I do that same activity from my Gmail sent folder from an email sent within Gmail with the MixMax tracker on, it doesn't track that email as opened by th e recipient because it knows it was sent from me. If Cloze could fix this, I'd be a very happy camper.
Dan Foody
Dan FoodyMaker@danfoody · Cofounder, Cloze
Hi everyone, we're here if you have any questions for us.