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@alexcote you guys gave an amazing presentation at the Boston Product Hunt meetup (go @hiimfloyd + @SteveHaase!) and so i'm happy to hunt you today. tell us more - why is Cloze uniquely valuable and why/how should people use it?
@eriktorenberg Thanks Erik - much appreciated. Cloze analyzes all of your email and social feeds to learn who is important to you and who is just noise. So when you check Cloze you are only seeing what really matters most without having to sift through lots of junk from people you don’t care about. It really shines when you only have a few minutes to catch up. With the release that just went live last night (version 3.1) we’ve elevated our core contact management functionality. Your contacts are organized by how most of us think, rather than just an alphabetical list. You can see who you’ve just met, when you last talked or search by your strongest relationship. You can even search for things like “CEOs and VPs in the Big Apple” or “lives in Boston”.
@eriktorenberg @alexcote @hiimfloyd @stevehaase FYI - I've started a Cloze User Group on Facebook! Come join us!
Cloze is phenomenal and agree with Erik. The question I have is what are you guys going to do with all of that data eventually? Do you have any deep analytic products planned? Also, have you guys thought about moving towards a business use case (eg Sandy Pentland's Social Physics Work)?
@borker Thanks Ryan. Great question. First we have pledge on our homepage ( that promises to never share or sell your information. We encrypt everything - even our employees can't see your data. We are launching our first premium product this coming fall so that you can further take advantage of the data stored in Cloze.
@borker We do a lot of deep analytics under the covers already (we built our core relationship engine based on analysis of the person-to-person relationships across almost a billion messages). But, yes, we have a lot more planned that ties the data we have into various business use cases. That said, we're not in the business of using people's data for other people's benefit (we'll never do advertising, data brokering, etc.) - what we're doing will be focused on creating value out of your own data for you. And hopefully you'll pay us for it :-)
I'm Alex Coté - cofounder of Cloze. I'll be here all day if you have questions and comments. Our latest release for iOS just hit the App Store last night. We're also available on Android and web. Thanks for checking us out.
My personal favorite feature of our new release is that it takes just one swipe to delete all of your junk/bulk mail. Makes it super-fast to get your inbox cleaned out.