Clown Spotting

Add a playful or scary clown to any picture or selfie

Clown Spotting is a new photo app that allows you to add a picture of a playful clown to any picture. Share and surprise your friends.

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Tim Walling
Tim WallingMaker@twalling · Full-stack maker
Hello PH community! "All the world loves a clown" as Cole Porter apparently said. So as a longtime clown enthusiast, I was excited to hear the recent news of the clowns finally appearing in our communities. I spent fruitless days looking, but never found any. So I took matters into my own hands and built Clown Spotting. No longer will you be embarrassed that you haven’t seen a clown. Add a Clown to any picture and based on customer input we just built an in-app purchase for scary and creepy clowns. Just a technical note: we put this app together in 8 days, from concept to app store approval. We’re already adding more features (stickers!) - and we’d love to hear from the PH community for ideas and suggestions. Not quitting my day job yet, Tim
Jared The Dude
Jared The Dude@jaredepicpower · EVP & Co-founder @
I'm considering switching to iOs for this app.
Kieran Lee Farr
Kieran Lee Farr@kieranfarr
Is this app banned in Mississippi?
Ace Bhattacharjya
Ace BhattacharjyaMaker@durjoy · Narvii
@kieranfarr we've been tracking this- Miami and Tampa have pulled clown costumes in stores. Which, of course, has the desired effect of making every kid want a clown costume
Kieran Lee Farr
Kieran Lee Farr@kieranfarr
@durjoy If only there was a virtual solution...
Mushter Moin
Mushter Moin@mushterm · Co-founder/CEO, Shoplandia, Inc.
This app taps into the zeitgeist! Super fun for Halloween and election season :-)
Austin Sandmeyer
Austin Sandmeyer@as_austin · Thinker/Student/Rockstar
@mushterm Hahaha "election season" 😂 🙃