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I'm CEO and founder of Clowdy. Our mission is to connect the world's creatives by giving creative people an identity to start their career and the network to grow it. As a bit of background, I previously ran a project called YouTorrent. This was a bittorrent meta search engine, which aggregated indie music and film sources. It was successful with 100 thousand daily visitors at its peak but due to BitTorrent’s association with piracy it wan't possible to turn it into a business. We couldn't even open a bank account because of the dreaded "torrent" word – PayPal particularly disliked me, freezing all my accounts including personal ones (but that's a story for another day). The experience convinced me of the need for a platform supporting all creative sectors. So, Clowdy is solving two problems in the creative industries. 1. Creative people don't have a resume like most because their history is about their content and artwork not their employment history. As a result they don't use LinkedIn. 2. Many people often collaborate on a project but few are recognised. Usually, its only the musicians or director that get the end credit and not the session players, vocalists, editors, managers, producers and whole host of other people in the industries behind the scenes. I'm more than happy to answer any questions about Clowdy or anything else :)
Pretty cool gonna have to check it out
@jurrrd7 thanks Jared. Let us know what you think. Positive or negative feedback welcomed
Just an update. We're giving away a free 3 month gold subscription (worth $30) to Product Hunt users. Just follow these steps: 1. Register to Clowdy at 2. Visit 3. Enter the promo code HUNT3 This will work today and tomorrow :)