Cloverleaf For Slack

Meaningful team conversations with the help of Cloverleaf

Cloverleaf for Slack encourages real conversations by sending periodic questions about people in your channel to spark real conversations. Let’s start liking our jobs.
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10 Reviews5.0/5
Cloverleaf helps me know my team better, it brings the "lunch table" conversations to your Slack app and helps your know the people you work with better!
Hello Product Hunt! Cloverleaf for Slack came about because we want to make it as easy as possible for you to connect with your team and get closer to loving your job, especially for those who are working remotely. Cloverleaf will now come directly to you. In a Slack channel that might be stressful, dull, or full of assignments, Cloverleaf provides weekly questions and conversation starters based on each person’s strengths and characteristics. Simply add Cloverleaf to Slack through the Slack App Directory and start talking. Once a week, Cloverleaf will send a prompt like the ones above. If people in your channel have taken assessments through the Cloverleaf dashboard, questions will be personalized. If not, no worries. You can take them here or you can receive more general (but just as fun) prompts. We want teams to be engaged with each other and empowered to be more effective at work. It’s our goal to help you leave work energized and Cloverleaf for Slack is our next step to get there. Check it out, add it to a channel of yours, and see what happens.
Another cool feature about Cloverleaf for Slack are the slash commands. You can see insights on anyone in the channel if they have a Cloverleaf profile. You can also choose what type of info you get by choosing from any of these groups: Communication Style, Work Style, Conflict Triggers, Development, General, Leadership, Motivation, or Persuasion. So for example, if I wanted to learn more about how my boss leads the company, I could type “/cloverleaf @kirsten Leadership This would only be visible to me and it gives me the opportunity to understand how she works and how we can be a better team. Have you guys ever used slash commands on Slack before? Do you think this could be helpful for you?
@kirsten @devon_barnhard This is the killer feature for me. I always feel a little bit like Tony Stark getting intel on someone by asking a robot. But it's always spot-on and actually helpful.
We use cloverleaf for our teams. They help us know each other better, as well as help me know myself and how I can be a better teammate to them.
Cloverleaf is a must-have tool for any diverse team that wants to maximize every member's potential!