Next-gen HR team management dashboard to see hidden traits

Cloverleaf is a performance management tool for growing teams that looks at way more than just milestones and skills. Using a combination of existing assessments and custom algorithms, Cloverleaf combines personality, culture, strengths, and skills to reveal insights on how individuals and teams, work best.

Unleash your team to do their best work.

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Hey Product Hunt! @levibethune thanks for the hunt! Cloverleaf came from a previous experience of working for a business that had a really unique culture where most everyone was engaged and happy with their work. Regularly we (my co-founder @kirsten_moorefield1 and I) would analyze “the secret sauce” of this company to try and discover what made the culture so amazing. After many conversations over coffee or beer and talking with potential customers, including HR managers, we began to build a technology to help managers understand and engage their existing employees, empowering them to be more effective at the work they were already doing. Today, Cloverleaf is a subscription-based, turnkey performance management platform. The Cloverleaf team assessment dashboard can help you build the right team and help them do their best work. Get visibility into team & individual personality, culture, skills, goals, and insights. Be sure to check Cloverleaf out and let us know what you think!
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@levibethune @kirsten_moorefield1 @darrin_murriner I was just going through your platform. My thoughts if you are planning to do B2B outreach : a) Target companies who are hiring for employee engagement manager. if they are hiring for employee engagement, it means employee engagement is their area of focus. b) Target companies who are hiring for performance management. Again, it makes sense for them to use your product. c) Target recently funded companies. They will grow and might need your product.
@shreyaa_ratra I love the strategy of focusing on companies hiring for roles where we can be an asset. Really smart. Thanks!
@shreyaa_ratra love a. and b. haven't thought of that. Thanks!
@shreyaa_ratra thank you very much for the feedback! We are focused on B2B and, as a startup, we are trying to figure out who to target. Your feedback is very much appreciated!
@levibethune If you need help in targeting such companies, check
Nothing is more important to your companies success than the people who run it. Take the guess work out of how to build better teams and communicate more effectively using CloverLeaf. The tool and UX are easy to use, understand and quickly apply. As a manager being able to have greater visibility into your team members is crucial to creating successful and collaborative environments. Stop guessing and start using CloverLeaf! Pros: Easy to use interface, actionable daily insights, invaluable for those in HR and as a Manager. Cons: none
There's a lot of talk about "Team" in this product, but I've also gotten so much value out of the personal side of it as well. I was able to take the Myers-briggs, DISC, VIA, input my Strengthsfinder, evaluate my skills, find out what my cultural leanings were, and then get little fortune cookie nuggets of wisdom on the regular. Mostly, it's affirming, but sometimes it can help me figure out how best to work with other people. I got this one the other day: "Your tendency and preference for immediate action can be intimidating or overwhelming to others. Know that your action and energy are most appreciated by those that have already developed a level of trust and loyalty to you."

Although I haven't used this personally, we're deeply knowledgeable about the company, the tech, and the founders, as they were part of our accelerator.


Uncover the often hidden powers of your team. Relate to each other better. Avoid conflict. Tap into strengths.



Cloverleaf is a, it's so much more than that, its a trusted advisor. It allows one to see how their team can grow together. We all have multiple assessments we want to use to understand our teammates...Cloverleaf brings it all together. It gives insight into those who you are with for the majority of your day...powerful stuff. It's helped me build a team, and allow all of us to understand each other better.


Gives clarity to the multitude of assessments we all want to use to build a better team. Gives insight into how you can grow your team.


Haven't found one yet