Connect salesforce to data systems seamlessly

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We have developed salesforce bi directional data sync We need your reviews/feedback to our system by getting some test use cases. Please tryout our system at CloudSync Introduction: CloudSync - Do more with your salesforce data One of the things Salesforce is really good at is managing customers and sales data for businesses but you also end-up your data locked in their platform. Salesforce has various API limits and usage constraints not suitable to run complex reporting, analytics, and custom app development for large organizations. Datacol restores the complete value of your customer data with real-time synchronization to secure data warehouse systems. It enables your data available for addition transformation and analysis in other tools, such as BI platforms freeing you to integrate with other tools to drive business growth and success. We have a complete hosted solution in cloud freeing you not to download any software. We offer 2 months of free trial for all plans. Please check out CloudSync -