CloudSponge Address Book Widget

Let your users look up contacts without leaving your site.

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This is a really neat widget, especially if you want to bake growth right into your product!
Thanks for hunting us, Hiten! What an honor. We'll be hanging around Product Hunt all day answering questions and giving demos. Our new address book widget is completely refactored from the ground up to be mobile first and responsive. It works beautifully on all screen sizes and it's integrated with dozens of webmail address book providers around the globe. We're happy to offer a 20% discount on all annual plans to the Product Hunt community.
@circuitfive πŸ’° Thanks!
So happy to see CloudSponge on PH β€” it really was a lifesaver for us. It knocked a week off our roadmap and has helped with our growth by helping users import their networks quickly (especially after the great LinkedIn API deprecation). Also, personal shoutout to Jay who walked through an unusual use case with me 1:1. Thanks Jay!
@camholm thanks Cam!
Jay and his team are on πŸ”₯. Incredibly solid. So awesome to see CloudSponge on PH! πŸš€
Nice screenshot GIF Game πŸ“±πŸ”₯
@nivo0o0 thanks :) Camtasia ftw.