CloudQA 2.0

Codeless & reliable web test automation tool

CloudQA is cloud-based integrated rapid test automation platform designed to significantly reduce time, cost and complexity of web testing process. CloudQA is 3x to 5x times faster than test automation frameworks in building, maintaining and executing tests.

CloudQA offers functional testing, regression testing, load testing, cross browser testing & synthetic monitoring all in one platform reusing one single script.

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3 Reviews5.0/5
Thanks @kwdinc for hunting us! We're excited to have CloudQA on Product Hunt. With over a decade experience of developing web apps, testing web apps has always been laborious. There's been no easy and yet fast way to test the functionality & performance. Either you maintain a large automation codebase or hire people to do testing manually. Neither are efficient. CloudQA gives you the power of Selenium/Jmeter without the laborious programming part - and it works! Tests are recorded into maintainable modules and represented in visual form so automated tests can be understood by anyone. Same tests can be reused for regression testing, load testing and synthetic monitoring. We offer 14 day free trial, so give us a shot! I'm happy to answer questions or go into greater detail on our service in the comments.

value for money


Easy to use, low cost


Good for functional testing only, can avoid load testing