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#5 Product of the DaySeptember 28, 2015
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Thomas, thank you for hunting us! Excited to be here! We built Cloudo because we wanted a quick way to access the stuff we work with everyday and realized that most of it actually lives in the cloud and not on our hard drives. You can search all your apps from one place and we use simple /commands to let you do repetitive things like adding a task to Trello or creating a new Google Hangout. We are looking forward to your questions and will be here to do an AMA :)
Cloudo puts the vast amount of information you have in cloud productivity tools at your fingertips. I love how close this is to the vision of Apple's Sherlock ( which allowed you to search through various data sources while Apple's Spotlight (Sherlock's successor) seems to be primarily concerned with local files and Apple's 1st party apps like calendar etc which is a shame.
Is this solving a problem for companies that connect all their cloud apps to Google Drive or Dropbox?
@stinhambo great question! We let you search across your Google Drive or Dropbox. So you can find all your files in one place. But we also search things that don't end up in your Dropbox - like Slack attachments or Evernote notes. The problem we are trying to solve is context switching and having to remember where you stored stuff.
great idea. reminds me of the early days of cloudmagic. would be even more useful on mobile. is there a way to search a specific service? or ask to search deeper in 1 service?
@ourielohayon thanks for the great feedback. You can search specific services using the /search command and selecting the service you want to search. Mobile is definitely on the way. What are some of the use-cases that would be most useful on mobile for you?
@oprostrednik @ourielohayon CloudMagic had the right solution and then shuttered the app. Lots of good ideas to be found there.
Looks very nice so far. If you're taking requests, Wunderlist and Basecamp integration would be great.
@mikeorren definitely taking requests - Wunderlist & Basecamp show up quite often :) We'll be adding them soon. The next integration we are releasing is Google Calendar which will let you see browse your calendar and add events.
@oprostrednik how do you guys sync everything together? is the cached data secure enough?
@arturkiulian thanks for this question. Security is very important to us. We only index metadata of your files and never store the actual files. The connection to our server is encrypted with the industry standard SSL protocol.