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@unpositive Any ETA on when we'll be able to use key files instead of passwords for FTP/SFTP?
@cprins_ you are able to use key files for SFTP connections only. Do you need this feature for FTP?
@unpositive no, just SFTP actually
@unpositive is there a coupon code if we want to buy it directly from your website?
@rossbates Current offer is applicable only for MAS edition of CloudMounter and for a limited time. If you own any competitive product you may request 50% discount for standalone version from our web-site here: http://mac.eltima.com/mount-clou...
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I've regularly used ExpanDrive and the native Mac client from Google, until recently. CloudMounter is simply the best of both worlds. (a) CloudMounter doesn't take up local disc space by copying Google Drive contents to the Mac HDD (which is how ExpanDrive operates) (b) CloudMounter is *fast*. No, it's *very* fast (similar to Google's native client) ExpanDrive on the other hand is slow. *very* slow. It also regularly fails to take notice of files uploaded to Google Drive from other places, until I disconnect from Drive and mount again at which point the new files magically appear. My only very minor gripe with CloudMounter is that I didn't realize it was node-locked to one install at a time, so I can't use it on my MacBook and Hackintosh simultaneously. I probably didn't read that in the T&Cs when I bought it and it's fairly standard I guess.
@steve1215 Thanks, Steve! Please, check your email 😉
@unpositive @steve1215 Was on the fence about purchasing, $10/computer * 5 computers seems too steep, I'll keep using Transmit. Product looks great though! kudos
@axpence Thank you for your feedback! You should try Mac App Store version
@unpositive alright, I caved and purchased. Any plans to add upload progress indicator?
@axpence yes, we plan to add it in the upcoming update
This is cool af, good job @unpositive!
Hi everyone! Today I'm glad to present CloudMounter on Producthunt. It's a reliable system utility that allows mounting different cloud storages and web servers to your Mac as local disks. Supported cloud services: - Google Drive - Microsoft OneDrive - Dropbox - Amazon S3 - FTP - FTPS - SFTP - WebDAV CloudMounter is a must-have tool if you use several cloud accounts or if your Mac SSD drive has an extremely low capacity. If you have any questions, feel free to comment here, I will be glad to answer!
@unpositive How does it compare to the google drive app for mac, will it download all the drive files locally? Will it sync the files between local drive and cloud service ?
@unpositive Is it possible to use TimeMachine to GoogleDrive with CloudMounter?
@suchitpuri Unlike native clients, CloudMounter does not sync your local information, it works directly with online data, mounted to your Mac. The files are downloaded into cache only if you open them.
@nikita_skitev Unfortunately, due to restrictions of Apple Time Machine it is impossible to choose virtually mounted drives for backup. Thus, you will be unable to use Time Machine with Google Drive, by means of CloudMounter.