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I started using CloudMagic when it was just a search extension for gmail in chrome. Since then, they've only continued to improve, and their email client for iOS is hands down, the best I've ever tried. Sender Profile is yet another move that shows how well they listen to their users and build things that are simple, yet effective. I couldn't be a bigger fan of any company.
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@adamliebman Thank you for the kind words. Truly means a lot. But we still have miles to go...
Hello Product Hunters! Thanks @_jacksmith for hunting us :) I’m really excited to introduce you to Sender Profile, our biggest update since CloudMagic for Mac ( This will give you detailed information (job title, location, organization info, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter profiles and more) about the people who email you, right inside a conversation. Why is this a big deal? - 80% emails are read on mobile first, where Gmail extensions like Rapportive aren’t effective at all. - It takes ~12 minutes to research a person on mobile. With Sender Profile, this can be done in a matter of seconds. In true CloudMagic style, this feature does not come in the way of your primary email-reading experience and is designed to save time and hassle. Sender Profile is available as an in-app purchase for $24.99 / year. It’s time to stop being in the dark whenever a stranger emails you. Use Sender Profile and add a little more context to your conversations :) We’ll be here all day answering any questions you might have. We hope you love Sender Profile as much as we do.
@karthiksuroju I have been using this for a while. Loving it!
this basically looks like Rapportive on your iPhone (something I've been wanting for a long time):
@_jacksmith What's more, you can use Sender Profile across all your devices - iPhone, Android and Mac
I wasn't sure anything would cause me to stop using the native Gmail app... but Rapportive for mobile? YES, please.
Sender profiles are more like Truecaller for email. But, love it. :D