Cloudinary Video Player for Developers

API-driven adaptive streaming, playlists, analytics and more

An open source project based on the popular VideoJS player framework. The player can be initiated with a single line of code. It supports video transcoding and manipulation, HLS & MPEG-DASH adaptive bitrate streaming, customizable themes, recommended videos, playlist creation, user engagement tracking, Google Analytics integration and more.

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The Cloudinary Video Player is an open source project based on the popular VideoJS player framework. Built with developers in mind, it combines the important functionalities into one easy-to-integrate package: * Adaptive Bitrate Streaming: Automatically adjust the resolution and quality of videos in real time to best match the player dimensions, available bandwidth and CPU capacity of each viewer. * Events and Analytics: Use events, such as play, pause, time played, percentage played to * create custom behaviors, with support for Google Analytics. * Playlist Creation: Create a custom playlist and easily control the list, enabling users to jump to the next or previous video, jump to a specific video in the playlist, see a preview of the upcoming video and auto-advance to the next video. * Content Recommendation: Provide personalized video recommendations to users by easily defining 'similar' content and displaying recommended videos as thumbnails. The video player comes with built-in adaptive bitrate streaming (HLS and MPEG-DASH), real-time transcoding and delivery of all popular video formats, dynamic video manipulations and optimizations to make your videos suitable for web or mobile viewing and optimized for different viewing contexts. For more information on the implementation, please refer to this blog post: