Discover your essential documents buried in the clouds

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Hi everyone, Nadav here. Managing our most important documents and information is very challenging in today’s hyper-digitized and overloaded world. We all have endless amounts of files and pictures scattered across multiple cloud services – on average that number is over 15,000(!) and we all suffer a great deal when we need to find them or one piece of information within a document. After we launched Docady, we started getting amazing feedback from users thanking us for finding their documents and information they didn't even know they had anymore, or information they were looking for with zero success. So we thought, "why not give this to everyone?” With just a few taps and a minute's wait, you get a detailed report telling you what and how many vital documents you have online. Cloudetect runs quickly on your cloud services and reports back to you with findings, it does not store any user information, and revokes all granted permissions to these cloud services immediately upon completion of the scan. So, that's it, you're out of excuses, do you know where your documents are?!
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@nadav_na Mine are all piled up in a big box that "I'll sort out someday" I can only imagine there is an electronic version of that if I used this 🙈
Hi @bentossell. Thanks for the comment. Yes- you are right. In fact, a third of Americans will admit their most important documents are in a shoebox somewhere in the house. Yet, more and more digital versions of these documents end up in the cloud, but they are still not managed properly. These images of documents will not shout out if they are about to expire and such. Taking control of your essential stuff starts with awareness... 😉
I love this. Very neatly executed and works very well!
@altryne thanks Alex!
Love this feature from Docady and so glad to see it as a stand-alone feature! Thanks for saving my ass for not having the foresight to better organize documents when I joined Google over a decade ago...
@jfleits thanks Jared!
Love the idea and it works great on web. is there anyway though, to see the documents that were found if I don't iOS?
Hi @yoavush. Happy you liked Cloudetect! We are working hard to make Docady available on Android ... and it should be ready soon. Stay tuned.
this is a very solid idea and it works great. I think that some people might be a bit concerned about giving one service access to all of their file storage services, but I'm fine with it as I'm more trusting. A personal request that I'd have, is that it would be great to get Box added as an integration, I was surprised that it wasn't listed. I think that the web on-boarding could also be improved. I signed up using chrome on my pc. it identified docs, but then said to view them that i should download the ios app. I downloaded the ios app, but then none of those connections I made on the desktop carried over to the mobile app (it didn't ask me to create an account). Imho all the typing should be done on the PC (connecting accounts), as typing on mobile sucks. so it should let me create an account on desktop, then sign in with that on mobile. also, after I downloaded the mobile app, it asked me to take photos of my passport and other documents, even though the web app indicated that it had manually found these IDs in my stored storage. I'm not sure why it asked me to take another photo of these docs, when the point of the app imho is that it finds them for you.
Hey @_jacksmith, Thanks for the feedback, glad you like it, we've worked hard on it :) Box is definitely on our roadmap! Regarding the Cloudetect -> Docady transition, we are thinking about it, our current choice was to have Cloudetect be completely ephemeral (all data and credentials completely deleted and revoked upon the scan's completion) which conflicts with this proposal. Again, like i've said we are thinking about this (we've had feedback asking just that)
@nadavwiz ok. But basically the desktop -> mobile transition currently sucks. I connect all my accounts on desktop, it says like "I found 6 docs, download this iphone app to view them". I download the iphone app; have to re-connect and type in all my account passwords again. It starts scanning, but then prompts me to manually scan the documents it's supposed to be finding. Doesn't make any sense. — as I say though, the idea is a cool concept.
@_jacksmith I agree, the transition can be better and move your findings along with you, again, that was the trade-off we've made that choice on. Regarding the process you're seeing in the app, Docady wants to help you be prepared for life's expected and unexpected moments. It wants to be that place that has your back, for that to happen, your documents need to be there. Today, still, many documents are physical and need to be scanned in order to be added to Docady...
@nadavwiz I'm really confused how you could make this as a choice though. That this product is posted to product hunt with a tagline "Discover your essential documents buried in the clouds", so that's why I want to use the app. I connect all my accounts, it says it discovered documents, but then you don't actually show them to me, I have to download the app and even then I can't see them. It confuses me. Also, there was no way in the app for me to disconnect all the accounts (dropbox, gmail etc) that I had connected. that is very worrying to me, is there any way to do that?
Yo @_jacksmith As the name suggest, you "discover" them. Now you know what you have online. (you do see them, just downscaled and blurred, again, to keep this system nice and safe/pure) If you want to securely and easily view and manage them, you're more than welcome to do it on a much deeper product (since it's a much bigger problem/need) called Docady. All access to online services is revoked and all data is deleted immediately upon the completion of the scan (meaning, the service can not perform the scan again or access those services anymore). We do it for you (if you want to see, every service (dropbox, gmail etc) offers some interface to see Apps you've given access to, you can see it appear after approving and removed afterwards) Thanks for all the interest, i'm glad you like it