Static website CMS for web designers and their clients

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ht @justinkan .. seems very useful in it's use case. Let's see if @mikeneumegen will jump in and discuss this product and the team involved.
@BlendahTom @justinkan @mikeneumegen Hey guys, thanks for adding us for Product Hunt. The product was born out frustration of the amount of time it would take to integrate static websites into Wordpress so we set out to build a platform around static websites. One year on we've just announced our seed funding round and have offices in New Zealand and San Francisco, have a userbase of over 5000 and a team of 4.
@BlendahTom @justinkan @mikeneumegen We want web designers to focus on we're they adding the most value to their clients - creating beautiful unique experiences. Other solutions are either technically hard to implement custom designs (Wordpress), restrict your creative freedom (SquareSpace) or are hard for clients to update (Static Websites). We think CloudCannon editing on static websites gives a great balance of all worlds.
@mikeneumegen @BlendahTom @justinkan @mikeneumegen Any example sites out there using this?
@BlendahTom @mikeneumegen @BlendahTom @justinkan Sure, because it's just HTML, CSS and Javascript there's no design limitations for CloudCannon websites. Here's a selection of sites: * * * * * And of course the CloudCannon website is on our platform - We even made an HTML5 solitaire application on CloudCannon -
@mikeneumegen @BlendahTom @mikeneumegen @BlendahTom @justinkan took me like 6 tries but I finally won in solitaire! :)
Will have to try this out. Seems like it could really speed up the work I do for clients.
@sleinadsanoj Awesome, let us know what you think. We are always trying to improve the workflow.
Just heard from @mikeneumegen that your clients can use their visual editor to edit static sites hosted on GitHub Pages. Added to my Github collection as well:
@mikeneumegen can you combine this with something like
@mblevin @mikeneumegen Thanks for this, Stamplay looks really cool. I can definitely see the power of having our services combined. I'll see what we can do.