High quality audio mastering for musicians

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We created CloudBounce to help music producers sound better and make quality mastering available for the 99% of musicians out there. We are a team of passionate musicians and engineers ourselves. Try out our best-in-class sound quality yourself, new users will get a free HD master and a big 30% discount from paid plans (Product Hunt Exclusive). We are a Universal Music / Abbey Road run Red incubator company. We will be doing an AMA on this Product Hunt page. Jon Eades from Abbey Road Red incubator will be joining the discussion during the day.
Apart from offering fast mastering for your songs, you also get a cool looking track page which you can share with your friends, fans and prospective record labels. Think Dropbox x Soundcloud, but mastered.
---UPDATE---- It seems that this hunt is not visible/searchable on PH. We have contacted the team over at Product Hunt to sort the matter out. We will be live once they have sorted out this issue. Thanks!