Cloudbleed Indicator for Chrome


It does not fix the issue, it recognizes it.


Ben Lee
@aircooledcafe · AirCooledCafe
This is a false flag, as a very small proportion of sites and users would have been impacted by the ClouBleed bug. This app will just scare people or warn people for no apparent reason in most cases.
Stas Kulesh
@stas_kulesh · Creative Director, Sliday
Today we've built Cloudbleed Indicator, detector if you wish, a Google Chrome Extension (Firefox is coming soon) inspired by https://www.producthunt.com/post... Test any page and see if it is using CloudFlare or not. Inspired by Feb 2017 Cloudbleed security incident. Cloudbleed Indicator does not fix the issue, it recognises it using Google Public DNS (DNS… See more
Dj Stores
*CloudFlare Indicator 😅