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I was just about to post it:) Looks like a great release(Cloud9 has just updated the platform). Wanted to try online IDE for a long time. I think it is a good time to do it. @ivarpruijn How does Cloud9 differentiate itself from other online IDEs?
@nikitakorotaev Thanks! Full disclosure: I'm a product manager at Cloud9. We released the first version of Cloud9 over 3 years ago and we learned a lot since. All the feedback we got from our users went into this new version, and we think that maturity really shows compared to others online IDEs. We're actually providing an editor that rivals legacy desktop IDEs in performance, usability and feature set. At the same time we're focused on enabling the core benefits of working in the cloud: no-hassle environment setup/maintenance, seamless collaboration, and streamlining web development with features such as the integrated browser compatibility testing on 300+ browser/OS combinations, and Live Preview. Our goal is to help developers focus on writing code by providing a platform for all parts of your development workflow, not just part of it.
I live cloud9. Awesome dev tool.
I love Cloud9, but am disappointed about having to move everything to Amazon.