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Hey, ProductHunters! I'm excited about Cloud Snippets for several reasons. For Web Designers, Cloud Snippets can easily add complex functionality to web sites -- and save a lot of development time. For those of us who lack even basic technical skills, I love the simplicity of connecting my Google Docs and Spreadsheets to my Wix, WordPress, Weebly, and Squarespace sites. One change to my Google Doc updates all of my sites at once! I look forward to your comments, and thanks for your interest!
Hello ProductHunt! Excited to have you check out Cloud Snippets. We built Cloud Snippets to give web developers, designers, website owners an easy way to leverage Google Cloud Services without needing to be an uber-geek. Simply pick the feature you want to add to your site from our list of Cloud Snippets, copy and paste the snippet code and BAM, it works. Most Cloud Snippets use Google Docs and Sheets instead of a content database so users get to use Docs and Sheets on the backend to edit their website. Other Cloud Snippets use Google Drive and Google CloudSQL. Cloudward lets you create complex and beautifully designed webapps as easy as you build a web page. You get all the strengths a PHP or Javascript developer would bring to the party -- using only the HTML skills you already know. Create forms, surveys, product listings, sliders, maps and more with Cloud Snippets. With Cloud Snippets you aren't locked into any specific design either. We made it so you can customize them & build your own. Any website that supports Javascript will support Cloud Snippets. They aren't only easy to use, they are fun to work with. Would love to answer any questions you have, please ask! Thanks.
I'm on the board of Cloudward, the maker of Cloud Snippets. Really impressed with this product. Cloud Snippets let you instantly add forms, surveys, landing pages, ecommerce product listings, and more via any platform - WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Wix, etc. You simply copy and paste the code from their growing list of 30+ Snippets and you've got a new feature added to your site. They also give you the code to customize before publishing. Works like magic.
Really loving the possibilities this affords for those who want an alternative / google-powered way to manage content in ways that could be difficult with their CMS.
@michaeldgrubbs Thanks. Really excited about providing this platform for doing what I think is common sense integration with Docs, Drive and Sheets. Seems like Google users love the stuff and making it part of their website just feels good. Let me know if you have any questions or any ideas...
@dkolke So many ideas lol and likely even more questions... I have a project or two in mind that Cloud Snippets would be good fit for. I'll reach out as soon as I have some more details :)
@michaeldgrubbs thanks - let me know how we can help...
thats an amazing idea!
@aloncarmel Thanks. Super excited about making it easy to use Docs, Drive and Sheets to power website content for everyday users... Let me know if you need anything...
@aloncarmel LOL; I agree. Let us know which Cloud Snippets you like best!