CloudOn Doc Editor

Create & edit docs on your iPad (works with Word)

hi producthunt folks! i'm the director of product at CloudOn and haven't slept in like six months... I'm adding a few related links from our launch coverage today. Our thinking is that you can create beautiful documents on an iPad, but not by cloning or porting '80s-era desktop UI paradigms. We've gone back to the drawing board to re-think doc editing with a gesture-first approach. The goal is to provide you the means to express their thoughts in a clean, uncluttered, but powerful context, wherever and whenever you want, without sacrificing compatibility with the billions of existing docs (and workflows) out there.
I usually use Google Docs but the round-trip with documents created in Word can be really weird. I've found CloudOn to be the only document editor that makes it painless, even better than Microsoft's native iOS stuff IMHO.
@shellen thanks, man! one of our benchmarks that we hit is that CloudOn is more compatible with the DOCX format than Office 365...
Hey ProductHunt,   I'm a product manager at CloudOn, and I wanted to let everyone know about a referral promotion we have going on right now. From now through Nov. 13th, you can get CloudOn Pro for free for 6 months by sharing on Facebook or Twitter from within our iPad app. CloudOn Pro is our premium tier that gives you access to a bunch of benefits like printing, security features, export a PDF, and more. This subscription usually costs $3.99/month USD.
hey, producthunt experts: is there a way to update the main link to point to the itunes store and move the link to related?