Cloud Middleman

The only web debugging proxy that runs in the cloud

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Thanks for the hunt Mack! We built Cloud Middleman to modernize HTTP/S debugging. App developers are often given black-box SDKs and poorly-documented APIs that handle critical app functionality. Debugging used to mean firing up Charles or Fiddler on your dev machine, and making sure your test device was right next to you as you debug it. Cloud Middleman is an HTTP/S debugging proxy that lives in the cloud. No downloads required, and the test device can be anywhere in the world. It's team-based, so multiple developers can view the intercepted session simultaneously and in realtime. I wrote a piece going in to more depth about the product's security and roadmap here:
@benjaminfox I was really looking forward to trying this, but initial experience has been far from smooth on Android 5. // After creating a device inside CloudMiddleMan I sent myself an invitation and clicked on the link it contained to download the required certificate - my device told me the certificate couldn't be read. If this is expected behaviour because the cert is password protected, the docs should cover this case. // No matter I followed on with the setup instructions. The download link for Strongswan VPN on the CloudMiddleMan setup page is broken. So I had to manually find the app in the Play Store & download it. // The VPN setup instructions on the invitation differ to those on the help page of the website so I'm not sure which to use. // When selecting the CloudMiddleMan certificate I downloaded, inside Strongswan, the 'Extract certificate' dialog never accepts the password that's shown in the CloudMiddleMan invitation. I've tried revoking device access, re-sending the invite and repeating the process three times.
@steve1215 Thanks for trying the beta and for the detailed feedback. Sorry about the certificate installation and documentation bugs you found, we're investigating those now. Can you please send us your account email to so we can keep you updated?