Cloud by Daplie

The world's first in-home server for Everyone

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Ed Holloway
@edholloway · AutomatedSky, MaidBooks, Field2Base
Charles Magnuson
@magnuson · Unemployed
Device looks great! However, I'd really like to see what the service looks like when interacting with it through a web browser. Also, would this device allow someone to host their own website?
Amrith Shanbhag
@ambonium · making ideas happen at feathrd
I absolutely love this; more importantly, the simplicity of it :) Looking forward to get one for myself :D
Jean Lucas
@aleattorium · A Brazilian chef that likes to code.
I don't like products that claim to be "the first ___" but it's literally not true. Hope the makers could clarify what they meant by it since "in-home servers" are one of the first things in personal computing.
Michael Dizon
@mikedizon · Founder, Coveted
1TB of storage is 9.99 per month on iCloud, your device costs $200.00, and I am responsible for maintaining connectivity and backups. Sorry, where exactly is the value here? (Also could have done without the Donald Trump reference. The internet is already great, fwiw)