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The world's first in-home server for Everyone



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Ed Holloway — AutomatedSky, MaidBooks, Field2Base
Bryson C Hill — CEO @ Daplie
@edholloway Here is my fav:
AJ ONeal — CTO, Daplie, Inc
Charles Magnuson — Unemployed
Device looks great! However, I'd really like to see what the service looks like when interacting with it through a web browser.

Also, would this device allow someone to host their own website?
Brian Bourgerie — VP, Daplie - Crowdfunding Consultant
@magnuson Hi Charles! For those who Pre-Order the device you will get early access to software and certain functionality before the product ships. To answer your other question: Yes, we've actually automated the setup of not only a website but the needed encryption and other technical aspects as well. We are opening up to developers to build apps for our app store that can really take advantage of what a server has to offer.
Bryson C Hill — CEO @ Daplie
@magnuson You nailed on the head. The UX is the most important part (besides security, of course). We care deeply about making the UX/UI intuitive and accessible, even down to how the hard drives can be stacked on the server by someone who may have poor motor skills. We believe people know what they want. That is exactly why we are inviting our backers, investors, and advocates to join us and get early access to BETA software. We believe that it needs to be the most *useful* technology product out there, not only just convenient.
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