Cloud Academy

Learn serverless full stack with 10min videos

Each video is taking less than 10 minutes and explain how to do very common and useful things like:

-Create a database and tables

-Create an authentification system (login/password)

-Create a customer area

-Generate dynamic pages based on the content from the database

And much more!

For each video, we provide a full transcript with source

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Saif Al Falah
JavaScript Developer
Slightly misleading. Videos are about AppDrag. Not serverless paradigm as a whole.
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Joseph Benguira
Founder of AppDrag
@saifalfalah AppDrag is 100% serverless, why is it misleading? Would it be less misleading if tutorials were made with AWS? Why? Our goal is to provide an easy to use serverless environment and provide free lessons on how to do regular things ...
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@saifalfalah Good point!