Cloud 66 Maestro

Kubernetes-backed PaaS on your own servers.

Maestro is a Kubernetes-backed PaaS on your own servers. We build your code into Docker images and/or fetch pre-built images from your repositories. We take care of deploying & managing your containers & infrastructure (servers, load balancers, databases, etc)
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Hello Product Hunters! We built Maestro to supports developers all the way from getting started with containers to deploying and maintaining their entire application stack in production, allowing developers to focus on new features and improvements to their application. It's an ideal toolset for small and medium-sized businesses. Kubernetes-backed PaaS on your own server: Maestro is what Heroku could have been - the best developer experience on your own servers. It supports you with a wide range of PaaS tools and gives you full control of your infrastructure. You can access your code at any time. It is your application. Maestro Clusters: Native Kubernetes clusters built, managed and maintained on your own servers by Maestro. A cluster can be on any cloud or your own servers (or both), from one to hundreds of servers. Any Cloud: Deploy your application to any cloud, hybrid, bare-metal or your own server. Switch between available zones, regions and cloud providers using FailoverGroups. We can help you move your apps between different cloud providers, with little downtime. Write Code in Any Language: Deploy any application that has a Dockerfile. Maestro builds a Kubernetes cluster on your servers, builds your code into Docker images, takes care of databases, firewalls, and network for your applications on any cloud. If you don't have a Dockerfile - we will help you build one. We would love to hear your thoughts about Maestro: PS: Sign-up for Cloud 66 Maestro with the promo code: ProductHunt20 and get $500 FREE credits for 6 months. This is a limited time offer, exclusive to the Product Hunt Community. Try it Free & Deploy Happy!