Real-time street style, real people. Really.

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Quite a stylish outfit from the site:
@nikkielizdemere We'll be rolling out photos and Q&As with a number of fashion bloggers as we progress. Hope folks like them!
Hey guys. Seth from Cloth here. Happy to answer any questions! We just went live.
Hey Seth - I know you were doing a ton of writing/speaking and then decided to double down on this. Out of all the things you could be working on, why this?
@eriktorenberg It just seemed like we had struck a nerve. After spending a long time talking to users of the original Cloth (which was a non-social wardrobe management tool), we realized that there was a great need for something in this space that wasn't quite there. Folks were telling me again and again how they liked the old Cloth because it was quick and easy, and made their lives easier instead of giving them more work. Well, using that as our starting point, we asked ourselves: "What other natural behaviors in terms of getting dressed and inspired aren't properly catered to with existing tech?" And then got to work to fix that.
@sethporges What are the major changes between the old Cloth and the new?
Congrats Seth, Wray & Bradford!
@timanglade Thanks! We're really excited.
Hey Seth I think its pretty cool to see you suggesting clothes based on weather. Could you talk a little bit about the design decisions behind this? Are people tagging things based on weather, or is it more automatic based on what they wear? Also what other cool things are you thinking about in the future? Anything around location?
@Anderson760 Sure! This feature dates back to one of our earlier, non-social beta versions of Cloth. The original version was a simple non-social way to remember your favorite outfits, so including weather was appealing to us because we could do it automatically. It is easy to detect the weather, and let the machine put that data over your outfits as a layer/filter. It just seemed like a natural idea for us. So while folks can manually tag weather for an outfit (if inputting an outfit for another day or season, for example), it's all done automatically as well. Location is huge for us in terms of street style. We love the idea of people seeing whats going on on the streets across the world. That's a huge part of our mission/goal.