Collaborative Stock Trading

Discover investment ideas by leveraging the knowledge and real trading activity of thousands of stock market traders managing millions of dollars in assets.

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I founded, designed and built ClosingBell over the past 6 months. It just launched a month ago. I wanted to create a way for the average investor to discover new investments. You can sort of think of it as a Product Hunt for stocks. It’s a data-driven social investing network that crowdsources stock tips. And as the community grows, it will become a powerful tool to discover the best investors, stocks and ideas.
This is one of the few things I can include under my very short list of things I can tag as 'addicting', 'educational' and 'really fun'. While far from my primary source of income, the markets have always been of great interest but finding a way to engage in an ongoing basis where I can test out my own predications (without the risk of losing the house!) in an active community of like minded folks (both professional and non) is something I couldn't find anywhere. What I like the most is that the whole concept is built around a simple concept of adding a 'tip'. Everyone knows what to do and the ability to leave comment throughout has made it a great way to learn and see how other people are approaching making their tips. While the idea of someone being able to vote or comment on one of my tips was a bit scary at first, it's become one of the best ways to engage with other people in the community and a big reason why I'm back every day.
Interesting idea and good looking app. How are you going to manage issues with P&Ds or other "bad" advice other than crowd sourcing?
@SacBookReviewer good question. The platform is new, but there's a bunch of triggers in place to handle this both automatically and manually. For starters, stock tips are flagged by the system if a user posts something far off from the averages. Users may also flag tips. These tips are not calculated in aggregate data (the stats on stock profiles and stock discovery screen). In the next release, you'll be able to filter out flagged tips when searching. But most importantly, I plan to make smarter algorithms that will take into account factors like the user's score, how often they are correct, how often people agree with them, etc. and give their tips more weight. Currently though, if someone is giving bad advice, they would have a negative score and a bad track record, so you would know not to follow them. The challenge here is to steer the community in the right direction. I believe crowdsourcing works, as long as people are confined to a system of checks and balances.
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