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Hi Product Hunt, Really happy to be there today. ClosetoShop could also help startups to get more email subscribers when launching a new service. We could provide a simple link to put near the subscription field. User only have to click on this link to subscribe without the need to give out a personal email address. For the startup nothing change : you get a list of ( email adress and manage them as usal. We really need feedback : @xaviercm & @yoandm
ClosetoShop is a very useful tool to manage newsletters. The makers of this product are @yoandm and @xaviercm. Feel free to ask any questions!
Hey PH, Thank you for the post Clément. With this tool, your inbox won’t be overloaded anymore, you avoid the frequent distraction of new mail arriving during the day, and you can easily put a stop to unwanted messages. With the daily digest, you can focus on your newsletters before doing anything else. We love (and need) feedback >> @yoandm @xaviercm @Aron : first, ClosetoShop was oriented towards shop newsletters. Then the project move to be more open but we decided to keep the name.
Interesting concept. I'm curious as to why it was named 'ClosetoShop' though. Maybe it's just me, but I immediately associated this with something related to clothing?