Closer Game

The game where the only thing you can win is time well spent

#4 Product of the DaySeptember 03, 2019
Closer is a game, yet it's anything but a competition. The only thing you can win is time well spent together, new friends, honest stories and occasional giggles.
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Looks great but $45 is more than I'm willing to spend on this.
@anvanza That's a very good point. It shouldn't be more than $25 imo.
@anvanza And shipping (even domestically) is another $10!
@anvanza @michelle_walstra Hello again! We have updates on this and we're super excited to share them with the ProductHunt community. We just launched today a 'to-go' version of Closer game. Please take a look at it here:!
Given that these questions get old the 2nd or 3rd time answering them (CAH has replayability because of randomness), I'd much more prefer a $10 app that updates questions. Lower cost to produce, higher replayability. Maybe even some options for additional add-ons.
Hello, everyone, I’m one of the Closer team members, and we are super excited to bring Closer to the wonderful community of Producthunt. Thank you @michelle_walstra! The current version of Closer is a limited edition one; we took the time to make it a collectible item with a focus on quality. Over 100 cards on a rare paper stock make it special. Once you get your hands on the product, you’ll likely experience all the craft and love that has gone into it. To recognize your contribution, we’d like to offer a special coupon for the Producthunt community. Please use code Producthunt to get a one-off 15% discount on the Closer website. P.S. The feedback has been phenomenal. Not just the game itself but the connections it creates. We have more versions in the works, some of which are likely to be less expensive.
The idea is great, but what really stood out to me was the design of everything - the cards, the website, the beautiful!
Man, the details in the animations on website is next level. Expressed everything very well
@invoker11 True that!