Closca Bottle

Locate your nearest free water station on the go

Combining a Product Design and an App to find the most convenient and comfortable way to find, carry and drink water

With more than 56,000 refill stations worldwide, the Closca Water App helps you located the nearest place where you can top off your H20 for freeClosca Bottle is

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Shantanu SharmaFounder, DelightPI
Great initiative guys.
They have poor customer service. I made an order in late August and now it's late October and my order is still not here. I have asked for my money back and they have not responded yet. I cannot wait 2 months, and not receive what I paid for. They better send my money back. Not to mention how expensive the water bottles are.
@ali_akbari Did you buy it straight from their website?
I bought two bottles. One was perfect, but the other is leaking. I guess with a bottle that opens at the bottom also, it is possible to have leaks. I contacted their customer service to ask about the leaking bottle. They asked me to send them photos of the bottle and the caps. I did this. The lid and bottom cap were different between the two bottles I bought so I assumed the would send me replacement caps. After I sent the photos they never replied. I waited two weeks and still nothing. I emailed them again three days ago to ask for an update. They have thus far ignored my email. Could not recommend this product or company as a result.