Cloosiv 2.0

Order ahead from local coffee shops

Introducing a big update to the Cloosiv app. It's now even easier to order ahead from your favorite local coffee shops, skip the line and earn rewards that save you money at hundreds of locations across the country.
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14 Reviews5.0/5
Cloosiv makes it easy to order ahead and pick up coffee from local shops across the country. In addition to the time you save by skipping the line, Cloosiv makes it easy to earn rewards that can be redeemed as savings anywhere the app is accepted. I can't wait to skip the line at my favorite local coffee shops. To celebrate the launch, Cloosiv is helping you save even more - place an order in July and enter code PH-2019 at checkout to take 50% off your first cup!
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I've used Cloosiv a few times recently at Coffee Mission in SF and it's been great! It's definitely fast, and there's something more friendly about the experience when you skip the whole Square register dance. Genuinely looking forward to seeing Cloosiv at more locations.
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@nleach Thanks Nicky! 🙌
I dig Cloosiv a lot. It takes all the best parts of the Starbucks app and applies it to local coffee shops: payment, order ahead, and rewards. I recently used it at my neighborhood coffee shop in Charlotte (Undercurrent in Plaza Midwood) and skipped the morning line by ordering ahead. The app is simple and well designed. Looking forward to seeing them grow!
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@nickpersico Thanks Nick! 🎉
Is this app open to Canada?
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@ryanwallace we haven't expanded beyond the U.S. just yet, but it's certainly on our radar!
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Cloosiv is definitely on to something, there are so many coffee shops in San Francisco that could benefit from this.
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@gregtwng Thanks Greg! ☕️