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Yesterday morning I found this in my mailbox: Curious, I texted "Cloe". Here's our correspondence: First off, great marketing. Secondly, what a delightful experience. Cloe spoke personably and did enough research to know that I'm a UofO graduate and the Ducks were playing later that night. Some people might find that creepy but I've given up on privacy. Cloe is remincent of ChaCha, a human-powered, SMS-based search engine before smartphones were ubiquitous. Cloe is also similar to Ethan (cc @gliechtenstein) but without the friction of needing to download yet another app (although this also comes with other downsides). Cloe is an invisible app, which @kylebrussell and I have chatted about (we both still need to write about this), in which the the product itself is embedded within existing interfaces (in the case SMS/iMessage). That said, I'm curious to learn more about Cloe and the makers' plans to turn it into a scaleable business (if that's the goal).
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@gliechtenstein @kylebrussell @rrhoover Wow, this is awesome. Is this an AI product or like Ethan, where you are talking to a human?
@AsadDhamani I was definitely speaking with a human.
@AsadDhamani @rrhoover how can you be sure?
@rrhoover Yes, an invisible app. Another one is GIFyoutube where the URL is the app
@gliechtenstein @kylebrussell @rrhoover Invisible apps (the evolution of thin clients) are a favorite topic of mine. Cloe must be the sister of Jarvis ( and Clara (! I wonder what the key differentiators will ultimately be here.
Hey Guys. Whooah! First off thanks for all the interest. We are doing our best to service as many users as possible. For those who have been redirected to the waitlist we are clearing it up quickly.
Hey everybody, Wanted to introduce myself, I am one of the co-founders of Cloe. Hope everyone is enjoying the service, we've been absolutely swamped lately, but we're chugging along! We have a wait list at and feel free to watch the two videos to get a better feel for what we do!
@lepetitlapin_ I'm having trouble thinking of the best kinds of questions to ask. Is this a common occurrence for new users?
Welcome, @hildebrandchase, and thanks again for the restaurant recommendations. What's your plan with Cloe and why will this work where others like ChaCha and Aardvark (sort of) failed? I'm naturally skeptical about the scaleability and business model of person-to-person Q&A. Although, Path Talk is onto something here. cc @davemorin
whoa. how are they sending via iMessage ?! this most not be done programmatically.
@netspencer It's a guy with an iPhone responding to your texts...
@netspencer @mbesto Their "businesses" page just has a picture of a hipster coffee shop. This feels like a joke to me.