Customizable smart alarm that makes waking up easier

Clockwise is a free, customizable smart assistant app that improves waking up. You can create alarms, attach modules, and wake up to dynamic content. Hear the weather report, fun fact of the day, this day in history and more. You can customize your voices, snooze settings, and alarm tones.

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Stephen Inoue
Stephen Inoue@stepheninoue · Thinking, Making, Creating
Cool - I don't think the visuals do it justice. Get some different colors, have one that shows all your great integration modules. iOS version planned or even able to do same feature set?
Seth D
Seth DMaker@sadelbrid · Mobile Apps Developer
@stepheninoue Hey Stephen. Thanks for the tip! Really appreciate it. One of our goals for this release was to have an iOS version for you guys. Unfortunately, we found that implementing on iOS is just not feasible. The iOS operating system works very differently from Android. It does not allow for alarm scheduling and other necessary background tasks. This is why you don't see many good alarm apps on iOS. To make Clockwise work on iOS, the user would have to keep his phone unlocked and awake the entire time he/she sleeps. This is how a lot of iOS alarm apps work. We know users wouldn't be too excited about that. There are a few other features that also wouldn't be possible. So we made a tough decision and decided instead of making a watered down version on iOS, we would focus our efforts toward making a great Android product.
Neeraj Thakur
Neeraj ThakurHunter@neerajt4 · Marketer |
With single, custom, and toggle type modules, there is a large variety of content for you to make your next wake-up experience inspiring.
Drew Gallagher
Drew GallagherMaker@drewg2009 · Developer
Hello everyone! My name is Drew Gallagher and I am the co-founder of the Clockwise Smart Alarm. One year ago my friend Seth Delbridge and I set out with a goal: we wanted to make waking up a more engaging and inspiring experience. We released our first version of Clockwise last year and received a lot of constructive feedback that allowed us to rethink our approach. Key things we wanted to focus on in our second release were implementing the ability to create multiple alarms, adding better voices to the app, increasing app stability, adding alarm volume controls, improving our UX and design, and adding some smart features to improve the experience. Clockwise is a smart alarm that is built by you. You create alarms, add modules, set your tones, set your specific alarm settings, and wait to wake up to content spoken to you. Modules are add-ons that you attach to your alarm to add content to be spoken to you for when you wake up. If you want to hear the weather report for your area, the top reddit posts for a particular feed, or just want to be inspired by the quote of the day, Clockwise has you covered. We offer the following modules for customization: Weather Reddit Twitter News Reminders Countdown Traffic Quote of the Day This Day in History Fun Fact We allow you to customize your wakeup voices, snooze settings, alarm wake up times, alarm volume, module order, in app sounds, and more. We also added some smart wake features like Wise Wakeup for weather that reschedules an earlier alarm if there is bad weather in your area so you can try to get ahead of traffic, and we added the ability to snooze the alarm if you move your hand over the front of the phone when the notification goes off. The scalability of Clockwise is endless in my eyes. We want to add a lot more modules, smart wakeup features, and really make Clockwise the daily assistant that improves your daily experience. We hope you love Clockwise and we look forward to your feedback! Thank you!
Seth D
Seth DMaker@sadelbrid · Mobile Apps Developer
Hey guys, this is Seth Delbridge - a co-creator of Clockwise. First off, I'm a collegiate athlete, and Clockwise was sort of my brainchild that stemmed from my tough time waking up for 5:30 am practices. After laying some groundwork, Drew Gallagher joined me and we released a pretty cool app last year. Since then we have revamped it and made it even smarter with awesome new features, better voices, and multiple alarm support. Clockwise is for the mornings where you want to know about the weather or news (you name it), but you're too tired to even see straight. Clockwise helps you out by going and grabbing the information you want and then speaks said info to you with some pretty high quality voices. We aimed to make waking up easier and I believe that's what we did. Give it try!