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Hi everyone! 👋 Special thanks @chrismessina for the hunt, it sounds like a dream to be on PH! ClockTweets is an intuitive tool to share content on Twitter and engage with new followers. Twitter’s lover, I started at high school when I was 15 and here we are, six years later, launching a new version of ClockTweets. Always the same motto: save more time and make your social media management a breeze. 💪 We are sure you will love it as our +430 certified accounts and +26 000 trusting users. More than 2.4 millions Tweets scheduled, we’re still thinking it’s magic. Part of this result should be attributed to the UI/UX which is full of kindness. And the other part is that we pay close attention to our users. To make your mouth water, some ClockTweets’ features: • [Schedule] Unlimited scheduling (with video/photos/gif and Twitter emojis), bulk import (CSV), recurring Tweets. • [Manage] Up to 15 Twitter accounts, perfects Tweets thanks to the coach, free archives. • [Analyse] Analytics, best times to Tweet, track challengers • And very soon.. chrome extension, associated retweets & more! Hope you'll enjoy ClockTweets! We are community driven, we take great care of our users feedbacks and this is just the beginning so please give us your feedbacks (and upvotes 😁). It’s a chance to be hunted today! ClockTweets Team 😽 PS: We launched a special offer 20% OFF today only, just for you, because #yourock!
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@gafisme @chrismessina Very clean and crisp experience!! Love it!
@prashannth @chrismessina oh, as ClockTweets designer I'm very glad you liked it! Thank you very much!!
@gafisme I love your product and i's made in france for once
Well done guys! Go Team France 🇫🇷
@stanmassueras We are really touched by your kind comment Stan! Especially when we know it comes from a French Twitter expert! 😉🇫🇷
This looks amazing @gafisme! Giving it a go with my personal account. Most excited about analysing the best time to tweet and tracking competitors! (ps. The link to "follow us on Twitter" on the Best Times page doesn't work for me.) Might want to make the English translations less awkward (e.g. "I update my password" to "Update my password" in the Welcome email).
@blairhudson Hi Blair, thank you for your valuable and detailed feedback ! 👍 We are glad you liked the analytics part and if you've any suggestions please tell us! FYI, we've just released a new version with the correct link to follow us and without the weird translation on the button! We deeply apologize for these mistakes 😺
As someone who is uneducated on the subject, can you explain what the difference between this and say Buffer is? Or any of the other SM management tools
@evankimbrell Hi Evan, thank you for your relevant question! 😊 You're right we are a SMM tool, but we are different because we are easy to use: we work hard on our UX/UI; we are Twitter experts too, with a bunch of useful tool that you won't find on the same platform. So you can find awesome features like native video, bulk import, recurring Tweets, competitors analysis and more. And sure.. There is some love in our platform and that changes everything aha! 😸
Once you taste it, you will never quit it.
@thedamfr we love you Damien. ❤️