Time tracking tool for big teams

#4 Product of the DayAugust 20, 2017

Clockify is best FREE time tracking tool for agencies and freelancers.

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I wouldn't pitch this as a copy of Toggl. Sends out the wrong message. Remove the "free" part as well. Just say you created a useful time tracking tool and list the benefits of using it. then who knows, later on you might build something on top of it that you can drive a business model around. Great initiative though!
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Thanks everyone for comments. I own a software development agency and I was paying premium version of toggl for all of my employees. It was $5 per user and then out of nowhere they've jacked up the price to $18 per user. I just didn't like paying hundreds of dollars for something that straight forward so I decided to build it for us and give it for free to everyone else. It will remain free in the current feature set and that should be enough for 99% of agencies such as mine. Thanks again everyone.
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@sean_milanovic Had the same problem with my own google spreadsheets with connected google forms T_T Just signed up for Clockify, looks great so far! Good work!
@justawebguy Thanks for the words of encouragement Patrick and thank you for your time.
@justawebguy @sean_milanovic your app is very good. i don't like toggl. A Chrome extension would be nice
@justawebguy @markus_moench API documentation will be published next week. Next step will be numerous integrations and extension
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@sean_milanovic very good. a desktop app would also be good. and what i really miss in timetracker apps is a nice notification system or sth. because i often forget to turn it off. especially with toggl that happened. I worked on Upwork and there is also a timetrack desktop app. If you have something like that you can even become bigger.
why you are offering a product for free when all other competitors have a paid product? If you believe you gonna setup a fee later, this will not work as free product users never pay.
Super sad that you need to use "Copy of Toggl" in the tagline to get even some attention to the product :) I usually support Serbian product hunts but this is just.. sad.
@dunjalazic We must be doing something good to earn a comment from Toggl employee ;) Hope your weekend is moving well.
This is an unfortunate Product Hunt submission. The website itself doesn't mention Toggl at all — I understand using a competitor as a comparison, but here it seems unnecessary and rather negative for what otherwise seems like a pretty impressive product.
@alexdbauer It certainly caught my attention though. Some people like a straightforward tag line!