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#4 Product of the DayAugust 20, 2017

Clockify is best FREE time tracking tool for agencies and freelancers.

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Fouad Tolaib@fouad_tolaib · I'm a maker of things.
I wouldn't pitch this as a copy of Toggl. Sends out the wrong message. Remove the "free" part as well. Just say you created a useful time tracking tool and list the benefits of using it. then who knows, later on you might build something on top of it that you can drive a business model around. Great initiative though!
Sean MilanovicMaker@sean_milanovic · CEO at COING
Thanks everyone for comments. I own a software development agency and I was paying premium version of toggl for all of my employees. It was $5 per user and then out of nowhere they've jacked up the price to $18 per user. I just didn't like paying hundreds of dollars for something that straight forward so I decided to build it for us and give it for free to everyone else. It will remain free in the current feature set and that should be enough for 99% of agencies such as mine. Thanks again everyone.
Patrick@justawebguy · Founder of Popflake
@sean_milanovic Had the same problem with my own google spreadsheets with connected google forms T_T Just signed up for Clockify, looks great so far! Good work!
Sean MilanovicMaker@sean_milanovic · CEO at COING
@justawebguy Thanks for the words of encouragement Patrick and thank you for your time.
Dainis Kanopa@dainiskanopa · Founder at
why you are offering a product for free when all other competitors have a paid product? If you believe you gonna setup a fee later, this will not work as free product users never pay.
Dunja Lazic@dunjalazic · Hyper.
Super sad that you need to use "Copy of Toggl" in the tagline to get even some attention to the product :) I usually support Serbian product hunts but this is just.. sad.
Sean MilanovicMaker@sean_milanovic · CEO at COING
@dunjalazic We must be doing something good to earn a comment from Toggl employee ;) Hope your weekend is moving well.
Alex Bauer@alexdbauer · Developer Advocate —
This is an unfortunate Product Hunt submission. The website itself doesn't mention Toggl at all — I understand using a competitor as a comparison, but here it seems unnecessary and rather negative for what otherwise seems like a pretty impressive product.
Johnny Heo@johnnygettem · VP of Biz Dev @ The Feedback Loop
@alexdbauer It certainly caught my attention though. Some people like a straightforward tag line!