A simple clock screensaver based on Braun watches ⌚

Just a little Mac screensaver inspired by the Braun watches. You pick a model and style.

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Love it @soffes! What are you hacking on next 👀
Good screensaver, I like
I made this 4 years ago, but cool to see Product Hunt folks are into it :) I have some more screensavers I made at as well as some ones I didn't make that I think are awesome.
@soffes I love it. I saw it on instagram (@mds) 👌
@soffes Doesn't work on the latest MacOS :(
@seth_weisfeld it does! Just restart System Preferences. It’s a bug with screensavers written in Swift. I reported to Apple 4 years ago 😞
Great looking MacOS screensaver!
Great job !! 😊 I’m looking forward for an Windows 10 version of this