Cloak It - Secret Messages

Keep your text messages secure with Touch ID authentication

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Hi ProductHunt! This is Adam from OSOSICK, and I'm really excited that today you'll get to see our new iMessage App Cloaked. With iMessage apps, Apple finally gave us developers some hooks into the app we use everyday, Messages. When I first saw the announcement, I immediately thought of the concept for Cloaked. I thought securing text messages via Touch ID would be a great way to keep unwanted eyes from seeing or reading your messages. This helps situations when other people know your phone Passcode and could potentially snoop through your messages. Another use-case this prevents is when you give your phone to someone, or are scrolling through your messages to show someone something, and people are standing over your shoulder. Often times I didn’t want people seeing every text and photo I’ve sent, and Cloaked was my way of fixing that. Adding the pixellated image that gets sent when you send a photo was my way of adding a bit of fun and curiosity to the app. I tried to build Cloaked in the way I thought would be most accessible for people using iMessage apps. To me, this meant something quick and simple. That’s why the camera is immediately opened when you go to the app, and all the controls are on the same screen. I hope you give Cloaked and shot, and I’d love to hear more about how you’re using it or answer any questions from the community. Thanks, Adam
Really cool app but it's possibly marketed the wrong way. You mentioned the words "fun" and "curiosity", and the screenshots show a goofy selfie, which I like, but the app to me says "security" and "function." This is like Confide marketing themselves like Snapchat, so if Touch ID is your differentiator, spin the function as a bio security layer into something more meaningful, behavioral, society-driven. Think about why it's secure, and think about the uniqueness of your fingerprint, your midas touch for hidden content.
@aidan Good feedback Aidan. I am definitely not a marketer. As Mentioned to Elizabeth above my expertise is mobile app development. But to be fair, while I do think the security aspect is the major selling point of Cloaked. I also wanted it to be shed in a "fun" light. During beta testing the app, my friends and I had many fun messages back and forth to each other while sending Cloaked messages. There was nothing secret or private about what we were sending, but it was an added novelty to our normal text conversations, that provided entertainment.
@adam_johnson3 I thought the same, figure out how to boost the novelty aspect to the forefront of your design/marketing! Tell people why it was fun for you and your friends and skip the security aspect (for now.) hopefully that makes sense.
@aidan I also thought "Security" and "Function"...great feedback \
Or you could label all your contacts "TAX DOCUMENTS"... I can't imagine *anything* more conspicuously shady than this. I can only imagine using this for baiting pranks. Also, WHAT is that website? A wordpress theme that looks like a @Quip doc? I mean, I love it, but still... @cloakedapp @andyfortson
@elizabethhunker @quip @cloakedapp @andyfortson Hey Elizabeth, thanks for commenting. Yes that is a wordpress theme, the basic one at that. I'm neither a web developer nor a marketer. My expertise is mobile apps. The website was actually only thrown together as a requirement to submit the app to the App Store. It's definitely something I will change to come off as a more serious business soon. For now my immediate focus is on the app. Thanks for giving Cloaked a shot, it may not be for everyone.