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Thanks! Excited the Cloak team is happy to finally have Cloak for Android available. We have submitted it through the Early Access program to help gather feedback. We look forward to hearing more.
Yay! Thrilled to have a trusted solution to recommend to the Android devotees in my tribe.
According to VPN comparisons I trust CLoak logs quite a bit of identifying information, conection ports, times, IP addresses. Is this still the case?
Doesn't android's Wifi Assistant already secure open networks with a VPN for you?
@hgsigala Hi Hector. Wi-Fi Assistant is a great feature with limited scope. My understanding is that Google's Wi-Fi Assistant (1) requires you to connect to a Wi-Fi network known specifically to Google in advance (aka probably no dice at the coffee shop down the street, unless it happens to be a SBUX+GOOG), (2) is only available on Nexus and Pixel devices, which comprise a limited fraction of Android devices on the market, and (3) is only available in certain countries. There's also the broader question of what Project Fi's future is; I have no special insight here, but given the history of similar services from Google I don't personally have confidence that these features will be around down the road. And finally, some people have raised concerns about Google's privacy policies for these and related features, particularly around CPNI data collection. (In general, I suspect Google is probably super responsible here, compared to some random VPN provider you might see an advertisement for.)