Clkim for Chrome

Easily create branded short links for any page

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Hi Everyone! We are proud to be featured here as we release our latest tool for marketers & brand managers. The idea behind this tool is to help you promote your own brand rather than promoting other brands. We’ve noticed that when brands share links that are branded to them it achieves 2 major things: 1. Creates more digital real estate for them >> increase exposure >> keeping their own brand at the top mind 2. Provides their users with context of who is standing behind the link Brands that also edit what comes after the domain to give it a meaning (ex. ) help users understand exactly what's waiting on the other side of the link enticing them to click on it. Evidently this method is very successful. Some users have reported an improvement of 40% in their link CTR just because their links are branded and meaningful! For this exact reason we’ve focused this Chrome extension to be the easiest possible way to get a branded short URL within seconds. If you would like to learn more about other great functionalities you could do with your links check out our website features here: If you have any questions about our service i’d be happy to answer here! Best, Yoav
@yoavshalev Hey Yoav! Cool product! I recommend zooming on the product in the video, so it'll show better :-)