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Clkim provides a white label link shortening platform. Loved by marketers, developers, project managers and entrepreneurs.

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Yoav Shalev
Yoav ShalevMaker@yoavshalev · Chief ⬡
Hey product hunters! We are so excited to be hunted today. I founded Clkim almost 2 years ago because I couldn’t find an easy and affordable way to shorten links and monetize them effectively. Since then our product offering has grown tremendously to support many different audiences and use cases. To date we’ve had nearly 15,000 users sign up and use our platform. We are proud to stand behind a full self services, one stop platform that will allow you to setup a branded URL shortener in under 2 minutes! Thank you for showing your love :) I’m happy to answer any question you may have.
Yoav Vilner
Yoav Vilner@yoavvilner · CEO, Blogger and advisor
Not bad. Ranky has been using Clkim for a while now - with great results. Happy to see this on the homepage. Rock on!
Yoav Shalev
Yoav ShalevMaker@yoavshalev · Chief ⬡
@yoavvilner thanks for the support and being there from the get go!
Yoni Dariel
Yoni Dariel@yonidariel · CEO, ONDiGO Sales Automation
We've been utilizing clkim for several months. Simple but clever. Amazing progress this talented team has made throughout that period. Kudos to Yoav and team for putting together a well-thought and executed product.
Yoav Shalev
Yoav ShalevMaker@yoavshalev · Chief ⬡
@yonidariel thank you for the love and all your input along the way!
Derric Haynie
Derric Haynie@sixpeppers · Head of Growth, Rebrandly
Congrats on the growth and on the Product Hunt launch. I love everything you are doing!
Yoav Shalev
Yoav ShalevMaker@yoavshalev · Chief ⬡
@sixpeppers thanks! :)
Nathan Windsor
Nathan Windsor@nathanwindsor · CEO Macroscape, Blockchain Veture Studio
Love your work and I'm already using your product.
Yoav Shalev
Yoav ShalevMaker@yoavshalev · Chief ⬡
@nathanwindsor thank you for the love!